Sunday, March 18, 2007

Reiki As a Way of Life

About three years ago, I was initiated into Reiki. One of my mentors, had encouraged me to look into learning a similar healing modality called Pranic Healing which is another form of energetic healing, but I never pursued it. I felt that I needed to do more self-healing before I could really consider becoming a conduit for healing others. Then I was introduced to Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese form of energetic healing, which means Universal Life ( "Rei"), and Energy ("Ki"). Reiki was discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan in in the early 1900's. Dr. Usui was the head of a Christian Monastery, and his students approached him about continuing in the tradition of Jesus by healing those who were sick. The story goes that Dr. Usui climbed a mountain where he meditated and prayed for 21 days, and was given the gift of Reiki. Of course there are those who would argue that the practice of laying on of hands in order to impart healing is nothing new; but this particular form as was rediscovered and developed has spread worldwide, and grown in popularity, as people seek to utilize this very gentle, yet powerful form of healing.
For those who are serious, Reiki becomes a way of life.

There are three levels of Reiki, Level I, where the person receives their first attunement by a Reiki Master and learns the basic hand positions and how to beam Reiki to a persons aura, where it believed that illness and disease first manifests. This level is designed to introduce the student to the energy of Reiki, and allows them to practice on themselvesas well as family and friends. After the first attunement one may experience a cleansing or sorts for up to 21 days, mirroring the 21 day time period of Dr. Usui's first encounter with Reiki. Level II involves learning to use powerful symbols that are used in conjunction with the energy of Reiki. These symbols are energetically fused into the Reiki practitioner's hands. The symbols are used to help guide and focus the Reiki energy toward certain areas in need of healing (physical as well as mental and emotional). Then there is the final stage-- Level III/Mastership, which is the teaching level. A Reiki Master is given more symbols that increase the impact of the Reiki energy and is able to teach/initiate others.

Once initiated into Reiki at level I and so on, Reiki can be used for self-healing, sent over long distances to heal those who are far away, can be used to heal traumatic events of the past, and even be sent into the future to energize upcoming events. It is a powerful healing modality that never depletes the practitioner, as the energy of Reiki flows from the practitioner to the person who is receiving the Reiki back to the practitioner in a affirmative energy exchange. Those who practice or receive Reiki, experience an increased sense of inner peace as well as profound healing. Since being initiated into Reiki, I have experienced a groundedness and sense of calm as well as a fierce dedication and love of serving and helping to heal others. Reiki has truly changed my life, as well as my approach to healing myself and others.

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Dionne said...

I have used Reiki to great affect and feel that it is a healing art that has returned during a time when society really needs to be healed.

Many of us have lost touch with ourselves and often complain about our health as well as a felling of disconnection between ourselves and the world around us. This is often times a reflection of our disconnet on the inside in this hectic (man made) lifestyle we persue without regards for ourselves.

Since Aisha, is not near me, I have not had a Reiki session but am interested in continuing to use this healing art to bring greater balance, focus and peace into my life.

Believe it or not, having more peace and less stress is a matter of choice.

Choose to "unplug", as the movie, the Martix so graphyically demonstrates. There are other ways and means to relax and find heaven here on earth, but you won't find it while running on the treadmill of life.

The links will help those seeking to find Masters in thier area and to learn more.

I encourage everyone to try it, to read about it and to look for ways to heal, regenerate and grow.