Thursday, February 15, 2007

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Dionne said...

Dear Senator Obama,

As my sister in Christ so eloquently wrote about the issue of your "blackness" which supposedly rational and intelligent black members of this, United States of America's society, I have to state that the issue is not yours to answer to.

As Aisha made clear in her letter, this issue of self hatred that blacks still use as a whip on themselves and each other, is a sickness and a disease that each person must work on to rid themselves of.

I myself have had the worst racial taunts launched in my direction by those who looked just like me,sometimes a shade darker or lighter.

It is my opinion that this issue is not something you should divert your energies to address because you are unable to heal the pain another feels nor are you the cause of the self hatred these comments reflect.

The strides that we as a people have made are belittled not so much by others but by ourselves how decide to focus on made up things like "blackness" and other racially charged self hating propaganda that we as a race have taken out of the hands of those who initially used it to separate us and control us as a tool which does that and more even until today.

The issue of race, yours, mine,gender,economic status, sexuality and religion or major themes and issues that will continue to be used as oppressors and control tactics until Christ returns.

Take a good look in the mirror and if you are thankful for all that God has done in you and are ready to with his help go forth and lead all people here in these United States, into a society that is cleaner, safer, contented, expressive and just, then state your policies and your plans. Let your character shine, let all men and women see your light and make that your focus.

We will have to keep you in prayer because you will and have been attacked but being black, no matter the shade is not the real issue. Your vision for a better world for us all that will help those still in bondage break free is the issue and I support any and all freedom fighters who are fighting for the higher truths.

You will be in my prayers.

Mrs. Dionne C. Ryan-Kirsakye