Saturday, February 17, 2007

Men That I Love!

Folks, so many of us give our attention to what we don't like. Whether our dislikes have to do with people, the government, our jobs or even our relationships, the Law of Attraction states that what we focus on expands. So in an effort to accentuate the positive or as they say in the hood: "Don't Hate, Appreciate," I am dedicating this post to the men that I love!

Dave Chappelle: He gets love because he had the heart to say no to becoming a $50 Million slave for Comedy Central. Dave was smart enough to realize that all money ain't good money. He has the gift of introspection and the ability to weigh the pros and cons of his particular brand of slapstick comedy. At the end of the day, Dave decided that he could no longer look at himself in the mirror and continue to make people laugh at racism. Bravo for you Dave!

Michael Eric Dyson: He gets love because he is the only professor I know who can spit rap lyrics , weave them in and render them relevant in his academic, social and political commentary. And he does it like a pro. This brother turned a stint in the penitentiary into a vision of obtaining a higher education, all the while never losing his love for da'hood. His sharp and witty intellectual delivery is made all the more sexy by his knowledge and command of Hip- Hop language and culture! And he is fine as hell too!

Dr. Cornel West: Gets mad love because when the powers that be at Harvard suggested that he was no longer academically inclined and that he should leave the movie roles (The Matrix) and Hip-Hop albums out of his academic repertoire, he said "See Ya!" Dr. West joined Princeton's illustrious faculty and kept it real. Never have I seen a man of such intellect, be able to capture the love of the masses. His love for the people is real and as a result, many may not be able to grasp what he is talking about but they listen because of the love he has for them ( Bill Cosby, take note).

Tavis Smiley: You gotta love this brother for his commitment and dedication to the cause of Black liberation and to that of democracy. Tavis ain't never been mainstream. When Bob Johnson would not acknowledge him or give him his props, he did a "Cornel West" and said "See Ya!"He maintains his political ideology and his "out of the box" manner of thinking, and has made a home for himself on Public Television and National Public Radio. With very little press or support from industry big wigs his book Covenant With Black America remains on the top ten sellers list. Check out his new autobiography What I know For Sure. Tavis is smart, intuitive and sexy! Question Tavis: Why are you still single, brother?

Stephen Colbert: Stephen makes me laugh! His political sense of humor is refreshing and
witty. He pokes fun at Republicans while pretending to be their staunchest supporter and makes it very believable. Behind those glasses is a tall, dark and handsome man who enjoys poking fun at the absurdity of it all! I try to watch The Colbert Report daily on Comedy Central.

Dr. Michael Beckwith:For those of you who are fans of The Secret, Dr. Beckwith is the brother who steals the show from all of the other Secret Teachers. He heads a church in Los Angeles called The Agape International Spiritual Center The brother is deep and intelligent. His down to earth manner and delivery make me want to watch The Secret over and over again just to see and listen to him teach. I think Oprah digs him too (wink)!

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