Thursday, February 15, 2007

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Dionne said...

Can I get an Amen!

Again, we have one of our "own" disrespecting us and making us look like a caricature the likes of which would have had freedom fighters and womens groups up in arms when used to belittle and deride us who were thought to be inferior.

If Eddie Murphy was not black, none of us would think it was funny at all and that is the problem. Why is it okay for us to create, sing, act or write horrible negative portrayals of ourselves but we want to sue and boycott the same images if the person who created them is white, or some other color?

Are we not being hypocritical?

We helped him and the movie studio who produced this film, make millions of dollars. Most of the people who went to see this film were probably black.

Eddie Murphy is not the only one who needs are prayers, we all need to pray for our people who are in the limelight to have a better self image because their influence on our culture, self image and youngsters is vast and the results are helping to produce another generation of self hating people.

We must all take responsibility for the success of this movie and begin a dialogue in our homes, schools and churches about the images WE are allowing to be shown to the world and that WE are buying.

It is not just this movie, or the lyrics or the books or the videos or the sports figures or actors and singers that we have to look at and demand with our dollars better from, we need to demand better from ourselves.

I personally don't go to the movies or buy music that often for these reasons. I refuse to fund negative, depreciating stereotypical images of people of color. My green stays in my pocket and is spent on things that uplift and reflect who I am.

People use your money wisely, it is powerful and stop funding the hate.