Thursday, February 15, 2007

Eddie Murphy Needs Our Prayers!

About 25 years ago, when the stand up comedian Eddie Murphy debuted the hit stand up film "Delirious" I was attending high school in the Bronx.

It was the talk of my high school, and many of us had watched the HBO special so many times that we could recite the hilarious routine word for word.

Remember Aunt Bunny and Goony Goo Goo? The Story of his overweight aunt with the mustache who would always fall down the steps during the family barbecue.

25 years ago Eddie broke new comedic ground and made us laugh at ourselves and the unusual and sometimes scary members of our family . We could all relate to having a relative that scared the hell out of us, or made us feel strange when we were kids.

A quarter of a century later Eddie is still on the Goony Goo Goo tip and seems not to be able to leave it alone. What was once a joke that poked fun at someone who could have been any one's aunt, now seems to be an all out attack on Black Women who do not look like Halle Berry, Beyonce or Thandie Newton.

The overweight, loud, scary Black Woman who is aggressive, overly sexed and who chases down, bosses around and acts more like a man than the man she is with, seems to an obsession with Eddie and also with Hollywood. The film grossed over 30 Million in the first weekend.

Many groups balked that Eddie had gone to far and said that they were tired of the negative depiction of Black Women. Some even said that it might hurt his chances at winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Well no one listened. Who really cares if Black People want to continue to make films that ridicule, make fun of, and grossly distort the image of their own mothers, sisters and aunts. Hey R. Kelly was awarded an NAACP Image Award and he is facing charges that he molested several young Black girls.

My thing is that Eddie is so talented and versatile as an actor and even as a singer. He could do Broadway or become a director. Why is it that he seems to be obsessed with the distorted and derogatory image of a Black Woman.?

I don't know what happened to him when he was a kid. Maybe he was terrorized by a big black girl in class and has yet to get over it ( weren't we all terrorized by someone bigger than us?).

Eddie do us all a favor please? Work it out in therapy and focus on making some movies that celebrate the strength and accomplishments of Black Women of all sizes, shapes, and color variations. They can be comedies. Just stop making the Black Woman look inhuman and out of control! You may not know it and your "friends" in "Holyweird" may not tell you but your self hatred and your fear and loathing of Black Women is on patrol for all to see!!

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